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MAAE Dues and Unified Dues & Professional Development Package

The annual dues package will include membership in MAAE and NAAE. First year educator membership is $175.00 ("first year educators" mean it is the person's first year in the teaching industry). The annual dues package for an Associate Membership shall be $225.00. National dues and other affiliates are optional recommendations. MAAE will pay the student dues for any student who wants to be a member. Student dues are $15.00 (which are intended for undergraduates and interns).

To become a member, you can fill out the MAAE Membership Form and send it to the MAAE Treasurer or pay your dues using the following unified dues and professional development packages:

1) Fall Package - $525.00.  Includes MAAE Dues for the 2019-20 school year and registration costs for Fall PDI (which includes housing with a roommate*).

2) Fall/Summer Package - $675.00.  Includes MAAE Dues for the 2019-20 school year, registration costs for Fall PDI (which includes housing with a roommate*) and registration costs for Summer PDI (housing costs for Summer PDI not included - hotel arrangements will still be your responsibility.) at an approx. 10% discount. If you have already paid your dues for 2018-19, dues will be applied to 2019-20 year.

3) Fall/Winter/Summer Package - $880.00.  Includes MAAE Dues for the 2019-20 school year, registration costs for Fall PDI (which includes housing with a roommate*), registration costs for Winter PDI (MHTA Conference), and registration costs for Summer PDI (housing costs for Winter and Summer PDI not included - hotel arrangements will still be your responsibility) at an approx. 15% discount. If you have already paid your dues for 2019-20, dues will be applied to 2020-21 year.

*Please note, these packages include housing with a roommate for Fall PDI. If you would like a single room, you will be responsible for paying the additional $50 to MSU. If you are going to take advantage of one of these package options, you will still need to register online for all conferences - Fall PDI, Winter PDI and Summer PDI, in order for the conference planners to have the correct numbers.

Again, if you choose to pay for Fall PDI through the MAAE, you will still need to register online and select a roommate and other options at


Click here to PAY ONLINE using a credit card.

The 5 levels of Agriscience Educator membership in the MAAE are as follows:

Active Membership
All teachers of agriculture, instructors and coordinators, teacher trainers, supervisors, or currently certified to teach in agriculture shall be designated as active members of the Association upon payment of such dues as are provided in the By-laws and shall be entitled to all the rights and benefits of the Association.

Associate Membership
Interested persons in the field of agriculture who do not qualify as active members and wish to remain active in the leadership of agriculture instruction shall be classified as Associate Members. Associate dues shall be one-half of regular Michigan Association dues.

Student Membership
Post-secondary students in Agriscience and natural resources education may become student members upon the payment of dues as provided for in the By-laws
. Student members may attend the Summer PDI Conference for the cost of only their meals, all educational workshops will be free for student members (motion passed at the 2013 Fall General Session).

Honorary Membership
The title “Honorary Membership” may be conferred upon those who have made a distinct contribution to the cause of Agriscience and natural resources education.

Life Membership
The title “Life Member” may be conferred on members by a recommendation of the Board and two-thirds vote of the membership. It is recommended that those who have completed thirty -five years of active membership be considered for life membership. Life members shall have all rights and privileges of other active members, but shall pay no dues except the fees required for NAAE, ACTE and The Agricultural Education Magazine.


MAAE Membership Data

  • MAAE Years of Service Proposal (Accepted by MAAE Board on April 17, 2009):
    • Description: MAAE Years of Service is a means to recognize members for their years of service in the MAAE as members. Recognition pins are given for 1st year, 5th year, and every 5 years following.
    • Maintained By: MAAE Secretary
    • Years of Service Calculation:
      The calculation of the Years of Service should be done in the following manner:
      • MAAE membership for the current year runs from May 1st with registration at Summer PDI and dues submission by January 1st to NAAE
      • Year of Service = should be defined as a completion of 1 year on the NAAE roster and therefore members should be recognized at the Summer PDI following the completion of that year and subsequently at the annual MAAE banquet following completion of that year.
    • Years of Service Record Keeping:
      The record keeping for Years of Service will show the year under "Dues History" which indicates that the member paid dues for that year therefore, "08-09" indicates that the member paid their dues between May 1, 2008 and December 1, 2008.
    • Years of Service Recognition:
      Formal Recognition should always be given at the annual MAAE Banquet. Informal recognition is also given at the 0-9 and 10-20-30 meetings held during the Summer PDI conference.
  • Please send corrected information to MAAE Secretary

MAAE Years of Service Excel file
(updated Summer 2018)


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